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Our story began when Carolina Martin, a cosmetologist and founder of the largest network of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland, noticed that her clients cared not only about advanced treatments, but also requested long-term efficient care. 

She sought products for her clients all over the world. She tested hundreds of cosmetics but was unable to find a satisfying solution.

Carolina has started her own research on cosmetic substances.

It turned out that of all the fossil resins, Baltic amber had the highest amount of various compounds and succinic acid.

That inspired Carolina to continue her search and seek further possibilities of unleashing the power of that gem.

The resinous sap was a panacea for primeval trees, and over tens of millions of years it has been maturing in the ground, continually drawing energy from it and turning into a natural masterpiece – the Baltic amber.

Carolina hoped that she would release the life-giving power enclosed in the 40-million-year-old gem.

14 years and many experiments later, the mystery hidden in the primeval trees was finally revealed.

That led to the creation of the amber elixir – Amber SoulTM – from the white, most prized royal variety of that stone.

Carolina finally discovered her own destiny and desired to share it with the world.


The current area of Eastern and Northern Europe used to be the habitat of majestic trees 50 million years ago

They had to struggle for survival each day in that uncontaminated, wild and primeval environment. They derived the life-giving power from resin containing more than 800 different compounds.

It was where the oldest and most primeval fossil resin in the world came from – the Baltic amber. For centuries it used to be valued by emperors, kings, warriors and medics, It used to be a gem, an amulet and medicine for them.

For our ancestors it used to be the symbol of health and stamina, a stone of happiness and the sun, a love amulet able to attract the desired object.

Now mined by hand, selected and nurtured, it is the heart of the Carolina Martin’s collection.


Experience the energy of 40 million years ago

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